Mature Cruising


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A new name, new software and new options will give members a superior experience.

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What is it all about?

Saving money and meeting new people.

Finding someone with similar likes and interests, to share the experience with, and if you like, share a stateroom with.

Cruising is a wonderful way to holiday and see the world but can be very expensive, and a little daunting, if travelling on your own. Most cruise companies charge a 'single supplement' for the privilege of travelling solo, which can often be 100%, doubling your cruise cost. Apart from the cost, it is much nicer to share the holiday experience with someone, as opposed to going to dinner, shows, shore excursions and the like, alone.

There are many reasons why people travel solo, maybe friends and family are unavailable to go with you, maybe you’re looking to make new friends, or maybe you just want to get away from it all for a little while. Whatever the reason, don't you deserve to pay the same as others?

Just look how much extra it costs to book as a single, compared to sharing, with up to three people.

*Comparison is based on pricing for an Oceanview Stateroom, on the 'Treasures of Asia' cruise, onboard Sea Princess - which sailed on Oct 17 2015.

That's where Mature Cruising can help!

Mature Cruising is THE  place to meet like minded, mature, people who want to share a cabin, and the costs, as well as making new friends along the way. Knowing someone before you board can help to ease any anxiety over travelling alone and also you have someone to share all the wonderful experiences that cruising has to offer!

You don't have to share a cabin / stateroom. Perhaps your preference is just to meet friends to enjoy the cruise with. Simply state that in your profile.

When you register with us you can search profiles for cabin-mate(s) with similar travel plans and chat with them online before you book to see if they are compatible.